VectaNecta – VN01 Oscillate

July 28, 2009

VN01 Oscillate

The image of the analogue clock is synonymous with the circle. The circle represents repetition, completeness, harmony, and the ‘infinite’. We all experience elements of repetition in our lives but our general perception of time is more linear than circular; we are born, we live, we expire. We live our lives within cycles of varying dimensions, but surely the linear vector is a more accurate representation of our human nature, our aspirations, our longevity, and progress?

‘Oscillate’ is a conceptual version of the traditional clock. Visually, it takes the form of a compass where each line represents a quarter of a standard clock face. Three coloured vectors pulse in quick succession to reveal the time; the first vector (in red) represents the current hour of the day, the second vector (in green) represents minutes past the hour, and the third vector (in blue) represents the seconds. Each vector progresses outwardly from the centre until a quarter of its cycle is complete, then moves on in a clockwise direction to complete the next. The Oscillate screensaver was available for a limited time from July‚ÄďAugust 2009.

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