How not to underachieve in 2008

One of the lesser-known curses of being “creative” is that you tend to get creative ideas almost constantly, at any point of day or night, and usually when you’ve got an existing project already on the boil. In the past, most of the ideas I’ve had for potentially interesting projects would have been subject to one of the following fates:

1) It will remain just an idea- languishing in my brain collecting dust, never to see the light of day;
2) It will see some form of realisation on screen or on a scrap of paper, but will spend the rest of its life in a drawer buried under old magazines somewhere in my flat;
3) It will see a fair chunk of time and effort devoted to it, but interest will start to wane when the next ‘great’ idea pops into my head;
Or, finally, and most shamefully,
4) Will be on the verge of being completed, but for some reason it will be abandoned before it’s published.

This year I aim to take the following steps to ensure some of my ideas come to fruition:I’m going to COMMIT to projects I’ve made a start on, COLLABORATE with other creatives if I lack the necessary skills or inspiration to continue, and CONTRIBUTE to the creative community whenever possible (thats the 3 Cs!).

I’m always slightly envious when I see other creatives publishing great work online when I know I could be doing the same – so this year I my resolution is not to underachieve! Now its your job to make sure I stick to it!