New job, new site

Recent visitors to my site will probably have noticed that the design has changed (yet again), not long since the last major overhaul back in November. Well the reasoning behind this is not because I enjoy constantly re-designing it like I’m polishing a golden egg or something, it’s because I recently made the decision to leave my job and become a freelance interactive designer on a full-time basis.

There comes a point in every designer’s career when they need to spread their wings and leave the comfort of a safe but uninspiring salaried job in which menial tasks are drip-fed to you on a daily basis. You spend every day pre-occupied with the ‘How?’ when really you should be questioning the ‘Why?’ and whether or not you believe in what you are doing as a designer. Think: Can I change the world or make somebody’s life better from here? Probably not.

So the most recent design of my site represents a change in attitude, a need to create a brand/aesthetic for myself, and a need to clarify what I can offer as a ‘designer for hire‘. I’ll write another post in a few months time to let you know how I got on.