Experimenting with Augmented Reality in Unity

Lured by the prospect of a shallow learning-curve I decided to experiment, both from a programming and user experience design point of view, to see what was possible with augmented reality in Unity.

When Bad UX is Good For Business

Users can easily qualify good and bad experiences when using digital products, and inevitably choose to avoid services that fail to meet expectations. So when would “bad UX” ever be a good thing for businesses?

A new Stamford creative hub

After a fun 18 months at the Gooches Court office and a short stint working from home, I’ve found a new office in Stamford that I’ll be moving into very soon. My studio mates include an illustrator/printmaker, an app developer, an embroidery artist, and a social media consultant… so I’m looking forward to working and collaborating in this new creative […]

NCS graphics students on RSA brief

You may have seen my post on the Supernova Design blog about the recent visit to the studio by graphic design students at New Stamford College where I’ve been helping out a bit this year. Well I thought I should write a follow-up on the project and the students’ responses to the brief. The RSA Everyday Wellbeing brief aims […]

New design studio in Stamford

After thirteen years in London I’ve moved back to the homelands of Lincolnshire to set up base. The new studio is on the top floor of a very old stone building facing the town meadows. I’ll post more photos to this Flickr album when I get a chance – Photos of the Stamford studio on […]

Interactive 3D gallery

Working with designer Darren Walters I’m creating a interactive 3D gallery for an art gallery in Barcelona (the artwork seen in the screenshot above is that of the Catalan artist Joan Miro, sadly not on display at the gallery!) To create this interactive space I’m using the brilliant THREE.js javascript library that makes 3D for the […]