Supernova is born

SUPERNOVA creates interactive experiences that facilitate the discovery, manipulation, and sharing of information in physical and digital environments. Read more – Supernova Design

Design in unexpected places

I was fortunate enough to stay in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean over Christmas, a truly unforgettable experience I’m glad I had the chance to do before the islands are inevitably lost to the waves some time this century (a fate shared by similar low-lying islands in the Pacific).


What is AlphaBetas? AlphaBetas is a new modular typeface designed by Ben Stevens. Each letter in the AlphaBetas alphabet can be constructed from a toolkit of 20 unique shapes in various arrangements. This 3-D browser is simply a playful and interactive way of showing how the AlphaBetas alphabet is assembled.

VectaNecta – VN01 Oscillate

The image of the analogue clock is synonymous with the circle. The circle represents repetition, completeness, harmony, and the ‘infinite’. We all experience elements of repetition in our lives but our general perception of time is more linear than circular; we are born, we live, we expire. We live our lives within cycles of varying […]

Being Green

Last night I watched a lecture on BBC1 by HRH Prince of Wales where he talked about humanity’s environmental impact and the immediate need to adopt more eco-friendly practices particularly in business. Nothing new, but it got me thinking. Even though my consumption of raw materials and waste is negligible as a digital designer, there […] update June 2009

I’ve just given my site a long overdue makeover. The last major update was about a year ago, and it was starting to look a bit tired and messy. This new look is dead simple, clean, and colourful… and it only took 3 days to bash out. I had spent a couple of weeks on […]

New studio

Moved into my new studio on Bow Road today. Here’s a few snapshots. More shots here

Freelancing update

It’s approaching two months since I made the decision to become a freelance interactive designer, and so far, touch-wood, there’s been very little to regret. Here’s what I’ve been up to over the last couple of months

New job, new site

There comes a point in every designer’s career when they need to spread their wings and leave the comfort of a safe but uninspiring salaried job in which menial tasks are drip-fed to you on a daily basis.

ColourClock Screensaver

This is an animated clock screensaver I created for Liquid Digital using Flash, inspired by PixelBreaker’s Polar Clock. You can download the screensaver from their blog.

How not to underachieve in 2008

One of the lesser-known curses of being “creative” is that you tend to get creative ideas almost constantly, at any point of day or night, and usually when you’ve got an existing project already on the boil. In the past, most of the ideas I’ve had for potentially interesting projects would have been subject to one of […]

Have a Sticky Christmas!

Me and my mate Lloyd where feeling creative other day so we did a bit of stop-frame animation using a fixed camera and a shed-load of sticky Post-It™ Notes! A few hours later, and you can see the result below. Happy Christmas everyone! Snapshots on Flickr

And so it begins…

Recent visitors may be wondering why I ditched the Flash version of my site in favour of this; a rather generic-looking web log. Well, the truth is, I only tend to update my portfolio (that can still be found here) when I feel I’ve produced an outstanding piece of work. So as you could imagine, it doesn’t get […]