update June 2009

I’ve just given my site a long overdue makeover. The last major update was about a year ago, and it was starting to look a bit tired and messy. This new look is dead simple, clean, and colourful… and it only took 3 days to bash out. I had spent a couple of weeks on a different version that was just getting waaaayy too complex, so it was scrapped. Remember: “Keep it simple, stupid.”

A quick overview of the new stuff:


The new site menu is Flash-based with an XML back-end for easy updating (there’s an alternative static HTML version for iPhone and older browsers when Flash is not supported). Each menu item has a sprite underneath with a simple triangle drawn using vector intersection points (see Vector class from Killswitch Collective for non-CS4 users). Then it’s down to TweenLite and the Elastic easing class to handle the ‘springy’ opening effect. Tint values are retrieved from the XML, and they also transition using the Elastic class. Simple, and fun to play with.


The recent work page features only a grid of thumbnails with rollover info for now. Larger screenshots of work will be coming soon.

Feed / Links / Studio

Nothing much changed from the old site here. Added a page to tell you about my studio. More content on that page soon, perhaps I’ll add a webcam or something interesting. I am am keen to collaborate with other creative individuals so just drop me a line if you’re interested.


I’ve been inspired by the guys at ustwo™ studio, particularly by the asethetic of their innovative Flashion™ concept and by the 80’s arcarde style of the Matt Rowe site I recently worked on. The creative direction of the ‘VectaNecta’ project (VectaNecta = “Vector Nectar”) is yet to be finalised. Watch this space for more info.