WRP are the one of the leading suppliers of machined timber mouldings to trade customers in the UK. They needed to update their website to work optimally on all devices, implement a flexible & consistent user interface, and introduce an innovative new pricing calculator.

Early-on in the process we chose to adapt the Foundation framework because it is a proven and popular responsive front-end framework with many reusable components, which would give the website a much-needed sense of visual consistency as well as flexibility for future development.

With much of the ordering/checkout flow already in place from the previous incarnation of the website, for the majority of screens it was simply of matter of applying the new front-end framework and making minor UX improvements to the existing user journeys. 

Defining the UX for the new pricing calculator

WRP - Price calculator
Price calculator

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of the redesign was implementing the new pricing calculator that allows customers to specify both quantities and lengths in their orders.

One of the main complaints with the old website had been the inability for customers to specify exactly how orders should be broken-up into ‘lengths’ for delivery. Historically these lengths where defined by available stock levels and even factors such as the physical size of the delivery vehicles. Being a trade-focused website, customers typically order in large quantities e.g. 100 metres of skirting board to decorate a entire house. The new pricing calculator would give customers much more control over how large orders are supplied, specifying the quantities of lengths they require as well as factoring-in stock levels as a cost consideration (out-of-stock items are machined to order and cost more to produce).

WRP - Price calculator states
Price calculator states

You can visit the new WRP Timber Mouldings website at https://www.wrp-timber-mouldings.co.uk


  • Ben Stevens - UX design, Front-end development
  • Adrian Rowbotham - Lead developer